Bulky v1.2.5 – (Free Download)WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Orders, Coupons

Bulky v1.2.5 – Nulled can easly Edit many products, orders, and coupons all at once seems to be a useful and modern way to make changes to WooCommerce products, orders, and coupons faster. If you want a plugin Bulky v1.2.5 – Nulled (Free Download)WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Orders, Coupons that can help you quickly edit multiple products at the same time, don’t overlook ‘Bulky – WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Orders, and Coupons.This plugin provides simple and advanced tools to filter various attributes of simple and variable products, like ID, Title, Content, Excerpt, Slugs, SKU, regular , Sale date, stock quantity ranges, Product type, Categories, and more

You can bulk edit/update product properties in Bulky including Following:

  1. You can edit textCatalog
  2. You can edit visibilityCategories
  3. You can edit Cross-sells
  4. You can edit Default attributes
  5. You can edit Description
  6. You can edit Downloadable
  7. Download_expiry
  8. Download_file
  9. Download_limit
  10. Enable reviews
  11. FeatureGallery
  12. Grouped
  13. HeightImage
  14. You can edit Length
  15. You can editManage stock
  16. You can editMenu order
  17. Password
  18. Product Title
  19. Product type
  20. Product URL
  21. Purchase note
  22. Regular price
  23. Sale date
  24. Sale price
  25. You can edit Short desc
  26. You can edit SKU
  27. Slug
  28. Sold individually
  29. You can edit Status statusTags
  30. You can edit Upsells
  31. You can edit Virtual
  32. You can edit Weight
  33. You can edit Width
  34. You can edit Shipping class
Plugin Name Bulky
Version v1.2.5
Purchase Codex-xx-xxx-x
Support FacilityNo (Go to Orginal Author)
Price Free
source Codecanyon.net
Dev By villatheme
Basic Work Bulk Edit Products
Works On WordPress
Download Click Here


first of all upload this plugin to upload this go to WordPress Plugin and then click on upload and upload download zip in your WordPress then active and install this Plugin.

How To Edit Bulky v1.2.5 – Nulled on WordPress:

  1. Select objects then Entire table then Columns; Rows, Undo update.

2. Right-click to edit objects Copy – PasteSelect a rangeApply an edit to other cells by dragging the fill handleDelete selected objectsOrder ascendingOrder descending.

3. Find and Replace and Duplicate products.

Conclusion: this Bulky is free and easily available you can acess anywhere basically some source codes are based on GPL (General Public License )This source Bulky Plugin are tested and used all Its Fully Working and now it’s depending on you it’s working or not also check it on virus toll before host this plugin. Because Some plugin may contact harmful Virus

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